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My Hiatus

Hello guys.

I’ll be taking an very extended hiatus from tumblr. I’ll keep the blog open in case you want to reference something, but there won’t be new posts in the foreseeable future. No Ask box either, but email me at daphnebeauty@gmail.com.

I still plan on writing, just no more blogging.

Lots of love,

Anonymous asked
very lonely emu? haha, awesome!

Haha. Yeah. I’ll start putting ads out like “Lonely single emu seeking funny and fast ostrich. Willing to do long distance. No rheas.”

Anonymous asked
emu as in the aussie bird? haha

yeah. I kind of have a birdy look about me :)

Anonymous asked
You need stop wanting to be (or pretending you are like) Beckett/Stana. It is annoying in little girls, but you're a grown woman and the whole act of 'oh, I listen to the same music', 'oh, I wear the same make up', 'oh, I do this or that that is "coincidentally" exactly the same as her', is not believable and frankly, a little sad. You have your own personality, I'm sure it's lovely, and you seem to be a very interesting person. Stop trying so hard to imitate anybody.

I’m not actually imitating anybody, but I’ll be sure to keep your words in mind. Thanks for looking out for me.



I can vote now. 

And sign my rights away without parental consent. 

And go out and get my entire face pierced. 

Because I’m a legal adult as of today. 

So watch out, world, because I’m gonna be cooped up in my room writing porn for Elle comin’ for you!


I still do not see any porn. Where are my M fics. Come on, go put that brand new 18 year old imagination to use and write some bangity bang for me.



when straight guys ask how lesbian sex works i feel really bad for their girlfriends because if you dont understand how to have sex with a girl in any way other than repeatedly putting your dick in her you are having some really bad sex